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The Truth Is...

We're just some sistas who decided to shift the narrative...and it worked!

And We're Just Getting Started.


Coach Andrea and Coach Chelsi launched during a pandemic.


120+ Successful  Websites + Graphic Design +  Social Media Management Projects


Expanded our Team and Social Shifter services to include DIY digital products!

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Meet Coach

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Coach Andrea is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Social Shifter LLC. After graduating college, she spent 10 years slaving in corporate America, making Fortune 500 companies richer while not clearing six figures without OT or multiple side hustles.


When she discovered the power of social media as an influencer, she began to accrue over 13k of organic followers. From there, she invented strategies to connect with her audience through copyright and design, automate her systems to save her time, and most importantly monetize her creative genius.


She has proven her value and strategies work as multiple clients have scaled their company to a six-figure business. Coach Andrea is a strategist and her framework is the spine of Social Shifter's success stories!


Coach Andrea is also the Founder of The 24/7 CEO LLC coaching firm. Here she specializes in offering guidance to CEO women who are passionate about what they do. By providing structure, discipline, and support, she helps bring their visions to life. Interested in learning more? Get connected!

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Meet Coach

Chief Operations Officer
& Co-Founder

Coach Chelsi is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Social Shifter LLC, serving as a leading visual communications expert. She holds Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Masters in Divinity, and 11+ years of digital design experience.


The high demand for Coach Chelsi's design services began as a personal need for marketing materials for personal campaigns and other programs she orchestrated as a philanthropist. Her work captivated her audience but coincidentally, the attention of other agencies, business owners, and influencers who were also in need of a polished and inviting online presence.

As a business minded entrepreneur, the rest is history. Her functional and unique designs are the global fingerprint of Social Shifter LLC. 

Coach Chelsi attributes her ability to understand clients' vision to her success as an emotional intelligence specialist. Her wellness agency, Mood Peach, is an online resource for those seeking innerstanding and self management tools to cultivate healthy relationships.

Coach Chelsi
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